Today Pottermore announced that it was going to extend the site’s beta period  and close for several days beginning in November for some systems upgrades and site maintenance. 

After looking closely at all the information that we’ve gathered, we have decided to further extend the Beta period so we can improve Pottermore before giving more people access. This means the site will not be opening to new users in the immediate future, but please know that we will open registration as soon as we can.

Is this good, bad or ugly? While it’s a bad thing for non-beta members who are waiting to get on the system, my hope is that they truly took the feedback from Beta users to heart.  To do all the things that we mentioned requires some systems reconfigurations and some significant programming. 

The potential ugly?  According to, they are forecasting that the beta test period is going to last into 2012. 

Hopefully the new upgrades will be significant enough to make the users come back to the site and won’t disappoint new users when they are finally allowed in.