This week the folks at Hypable posted an open letter to Pottermore’s new CEO Charlie Redmayne.  Redmayner, executive vice-president and chief digital officer at HarperCollins, brings experience from the digital book publishing world as well as internet start up companies such as teen site mykindaplace.

The letter gives some good advice to Redmayer on how to improve the site.  On their list of things for the him to do are:

1) Let us see real names. 

2) Give us more ways to interact with friends. 

3) Tell us when Chamber of Secrets will be available! 

4) The Purple Screen of Death has got to go. 

5) Are we truly being sorted into our Hogwarts House?

 6) Add features that make us want to visit the site on a daily or weekly basis.   

According to Hypable – “ Each house currently has within 1000 students of one another. It doesn’t seem like the even number of people in each house happened by coincidence. Are there truly an even amount of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw students in the real world?”  There’s some really good discussion in the Hypable’s comments area about this this. 

Hypable staff brought up the idea of giving us games to make us want to go back.  One idea was having something akin to a virtual pet.  Someone in the comments agreed and mentioned having to care and feed for pet owls.  I think that’s great idea.  How about even pet dragon… maybe all those books we collected on dragons could then come in handy!

The comments left by fans provide even more insights and great feedback.   Someone brought up adding a trivial game based on the books or even based on the subjects in the Hogwarts classes and then have the “Professors” provide the correct answers.

Another person mentioned that target age for the Pottermore users.  Should it be for the younger generation that is just now discovering the books?  Or should it be targeted for the generation that actually grew up with the books?  Those who grew up with teh books are in their 20s, are net savvy and don’t need the child protections which seem to burden the site.

What do you think?