Almost half-way through October and this means that soon the beta testing for Pottermore will come to an end and the site will be open for all.

What does this mean for the site?  Hopefully access issues will be resolves by then although I would bet money that we’ll have them.  The Pottermore version of the “Fail Whale” is inevitable but hopefully short-lived.

On a more positive note, I’m hoping this means that more features will be add to the site soon.

Currently only “moments” from the first book are available on the site.  I’m really curious as to how they plan to roll out the rest of the books once the site is officially live.   Will it be a slow release, 30 days apart to help build anticipation for the actual e-book releases in 2012?  Or will they suddenly appear sometime between November first and the New Year?   Nice holiday present!

These artistic works as well as all the technical enhancements that need to be done to them to help create the Pottermore experience take time to build.   Again, I’m going to keep my expectations on the conservative side.

I hope that the “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” moments will be up in November.  I’m looking forward to reliving those special moments… the flying car, the spiders in the forest, hiding in the girls’ bathroom.

Admittedly, I’m not looking forward to “going into the chamber.”  I have always hated snakes. Almost to phobia level.  I don’t even like typing the word snakes!   Pottermore People —  PLEASE don’t have a big snake jump out at me in 3D.   Really. I’d rather deal with spiders than snakes any day.

What moments are you most looking forward to while exploring the Chamber of Secrets?