Galleons become important when you need to buy more supplies, especially after you’ve messed up that draught of the living dead for the fifth time!

Galleons are small so you have to be especially careful when looking for them.


Here’s where I have found some.  It’s not a complete list so please feel free to add them to in comments.

– The Entrance Hall (Chapt. 7)

– On the stairs  (Chapt. 8 )

– In the Knight’s armor helmet 

– Trophy Room  (Chapt. 9)

– Harry’s Special Delivery – bottom draw (Chapt. 10)

– Charms Class (Chapt. 10)

– Christmas at Hogwarts (Chapt. 12)

– The Hooded Figure – on the groudn (Chapt. 13)

– Open the tower door (Chapt. 14)

– Harry becomes an Outcast chapter (Chapt. 15)

– End -of-Year Feast  (Chapt. 17)